Monday, September 6, 2010

Lindsey, Liv and Lily 9-5-2010

Be prepaired to have your socks knocked off, this was an amazing shoot. Took the girls to the McLaughlin house in Oregon City (My home turf) and then down the old stairs where we found a ladder to get up on to the train tracks. A train came by just as we were getting ready to shoot so we stepped a side and watched it go by. There was a bum in a train car just like in the movies.After we finished up there, the girls changed outfits and we went to the Promenade that over looks down town OC.
It was an amazing shoot, and we got some awesome pictures and Liv learned how to Shmize (smile with her eyes) Towards the end she got really good at it. Way to go Liv.
I had fun with you girls, but give me a few weeks before we do it again to recover, I'm exhausted.

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