Monday, November 9, 2015

Becoming a cell phone photographer ~ The Background

Another very important rule you should always follow and never stray from is "check your background before taking a photo."

I know you all have seen those awkward wedding photos with the dog crapping in the background or the family beach photo with the streakers running behind everyone. These do happen and sometimes can't be avoided but if you are setting up your perfect shot, you do have a little bit of say in what goes behind your subject. Lets see some examples.
You may be thinking to yourself. This is a nice looking family photo. It is, except for one thing... The infamous man bending over in the background. Do you see him? If I had noticed this while I was taking the shot I could have positioned myself just a little bit more to the left and hidden the man all together. Now, in order for me to use this nice shot, I have to do some creative editing which takes some time. I am willing to do this for my clients, but If I had been paying closer attention to my background, it wouldn't of needed to be done. NEXT!  

Precious shot with a mother holding her son, but it's ruined by a passing truck. Some times this can't be avoided, but if I would have maybe positioned myself on the other side of my client, I wouldn't have been facing the road and would have still caught the expression on the boys face when he was tossed in the air.

There are always more than one angle to a shot. Keep your eyes open and always watch your background. You don't want that disgusting porta-potty ruining your next family photo, you know the only shot you took with all the kids looking at the camera. Yeah, that one. 

As always, I love to see your photos and answer your questions. If you have a subject you would like me to cover or are in need of a few tips, please feel free to email me at shendersonphoto(at)

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